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Meeting in Roshydromet devoted to the possible causes of abnormal hot weather in Russia in the summer of 2010. PDF Print E-mail

October 28, 2010 There was a joint meeting in Roshydromet of the Presidium of Scientific and Technical Research Council of Roshydromet and the Russian Academy of Sciences “Research on the Theory of the Earth's climate" with the participation of leading experts in meteorology from Roshydromet’s agencies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences devoted to the possible causes of abnormal weather in Russia in the summer of 2010. With scientific reports at the meeting were scientists from the Hydrometcentre of Russia, Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory, The Institute of Atmospheric Physics of RAS and the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS.

There were following recommendations at the end of the meeting:

1. The Roshydromet, the Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Agricultural Sciences with the participation of scientific organizations of the Higher School and other agencies should include priority funding of blocking processes and large-scale heat and cold waves research to R & D plans for 2011 and subsequent years. It should include:

- Theoretical research of atmospheric macro processes predictability;

- Occurrence and preservation analysis of blocking synoptic situations (for example, the summer of 2010, 1972 and other years in which severe droughts caused crop losses were observed ), the reproducibility of their evolution in the numerical models, the characteristics of predictability including the search for precursors of their destruction;

- assess of the possible contribution of global warming to the frequency of blocking processes and their characteristics, modeling the interaction of large-scale baric and atmospheric synoptic-scale processes that determine the development of blocking situations;

- development of a physically complete models of the atmosphere - ocean - the active layer of soil for use in long-term weather forecasts.

2. The RAS with Roshydromet should strengthen the work on verification and implementation of new developments, forecasting models and technologies in the work of the WMO North Eurasia Regional Climate Centre in order to develop and improve forecasting technology of synoptic situations with different lead time, sharp fluctuations of extreme weather and its impact.

3. Roshydromet should prepare and publish a collection of reports presented at the joint meeting with the addition of materials prepared by SPA "Typhoon", IAP of the RAS and Mosekomonitoring on air pollution in the Moscow region during the period of forest and peat fires in the summer of 2010, as well as materials about Soil Degradation by the Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

4. Prepare and post a press release on the outcomes of the meeting on the Roshydromet’s and the RAS’ websites.

Meeting in Roshydromet devoted to the possible causes of abnormal hot weather in Russia in the summer of 2010. PDF Print E-mail

After the reports the Hydrometcentre of Russia prepared and published a collection of scientific reports "The analysis of abnormal weather conditions in Russia in the summer of 2010"

The collection includes the following reports:
1. N. Shakina, A. Ivanov. Blocking: the conditions of the summer of 2010 in the context of current knowledge.
2. A. Frolov, A. Strashnaya. About the drought in 2010 and its impact on productivity of crops.
3. A. Ivanov. Climate change and some trends of evolution of soil-forming processes.
4. V. Meleshko, V. Mirvis, V. Matyugin, T. Lvov, K. Bulgakov, A. Gevorgyan. About modelling the anomalies of summer 2010 in the long-term weather forecasts, based on general circulation model MGO.
5. I. Mokhov. Anomalous summer 2010 in the context of the overall climate change and its anomalies.
6. E. Volodin. About the nature of some summer temperature over extreme anomalies.
7. I. Kuznetsov, A. Zvyagintsev, E. Semutnikova. Environmental impacts of weather events in the summer of 2010.
8. A. Ivanova, N. Shakina, E. Skriptunova, N. Bogaevskaya. Comparison of dynamic characteristics of the blocking anticyclone in summer 2010 with previous accidents.

All-Russia meeting in the IAP of the RAS PDF Print E-mail

November 25, 2010 All-Russia meeting on the air quality in Moscow and the European part of Russia in extreme weather conditions of summer 2010 was held in Moscow at the Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the RAS. Representatives of the Academy of Sciences, Committee for Hydrometeorology, Ministry of Education and Science, Federal Medical-Biological Agency, Department of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Health Government of Moscow, Lomonosov Moscow State University took part in the preparation and conduct of the meeting.
The meeting was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Council for Climate Sciences of the RAS in the frames of basic research programs of the Presidium of the RAS "Fundamental sciences - medicine" and "Evaluation and ways to reduce the negative effects of extreme natural phenomena and man-made disasters including the problems of accelerated development of nuclear energy." The meeting was attended by 130 experts and 25 reports were heard and discussed. The meeting demonstrated a high level of research in atmospheric monitoring and the air quality impact on human health.
More (decision of the meeting, abstracts and review of reports):

Выступление А. Р. Ивановой на Генеральной Ассамблея Европейского союза наук о Земле PDF Print E-mail

3 - 8 апреля 2011 г. в столице Австрии Вене состоялась Генеральная Ассамблея Европейского союза наук о Земле. В рамках Генеральной Ассамблеи была организована специальная секция, посвященная «российскому» блокирующему антициклону 2010 г., на которой с устным докладом выступила А.Р.Иванова – заведующая Лабораторией разработки методов авиационных прогнозов погоды Гидрометцентра России.

Европейский союз наук о Земле (European Geosciences Union) – крупнейшая Европейская научная организация – ежегодно проводит Генеральную Ассамблею, на которой специалисты из разных стран обмениваются опытом, представляют результаты исследований в различных областях, в том числе в области атмосферных наук.


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